Innovation, sustainability and partnership underscore Archroma’s ‘Planet Conscious+’ commitment to driving the textile industry to a better tomorrow

Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals focused on sustainable solutions, is showcasing its new Super Systems+ concept at this year’s China Interdye to help textile and fashion brands and mills achieve their economic and sustainability goals and meet changing consumer expectations.

The world’s largest specialized exhibition for textile dyes and chemicals, Shanghai’s Interdye exhibition is an unmissable event for industry professionals looking to keep up to date with current trends and the latest innovations. Archroma will use the show to introduce fiber-specific Super Systems+ solutions and highlight recent breakthroughs in intelligent effects and cleaner chemistries.

“China remains a global hub of textile production, with a dynamic domestic fashion market and a deepening emphasis on eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes. With a ‘Planet Conscious+’ commitment to innovation and partnership, Archroma is proud to bring Super Systems+ to China Interdye to empower the textile industry to deliver enhanced functionality, improved efficiency and greater sustainability,” Christine Cai, Vice President of North Asia, Archroma Textile Effects, said.

Super Systems+ are powerful end-to-end systems developed by Archroma to address key challenges facing brands and mills today, such as high resource consumption and carbon intensity, complex chemical management and the shift to circularity. Drawing on the industry’s broadest product portfolio, the Super Systems+ suite encompasses wet processing solutions that deliver measurable environmental impact from sizing to finishing; durable colors and functional effects that add value and longevity to the end product; and cleaner chemistries that eliminate harmful or regulated substances.

The Archroma booth at China Interdye will give visitors the chance to explore products that contribute to Super Systems+, including the revolutionary AVITERA® SE range of resource-saving dyes for cellulosic fibers and blends. These dyes allow mills to achieve water and energy savings of up to 50%, to slash CO2 emissions and effluent discharge by up to 50% and to increase mill output by up to 25% or more.

Another highlight of China Interdye 2024 is Archroma’s patented method of creating warm shades from nature: EarthColors®. This technology produces dyes for cellulosic-based fibers from waste from the agricultural and herbal industry, leaving the edible part available for consumption. EarthColors® dyes can help reduce the industry’s overall impact on the water footprint. Since they upcycle waste from other industries, they also help contribute to a circular economy.

For activewear and athleisure, which continue to be major trends in China and around the world, Archroma recommends the ERIOFAST® dye range. It was specially developed for dyeing intense brilliant shades with outstanding wet- and wash-fastness on polyamide/elastane (PA/EL) fiber blends and full-dull micro-denier PA. It lets designers use vibrant blocks of color and high-contrast black and white without the risk of bleeding, even at the highest temperatures in home and industrial laundering.

Further solutions for activewear, athleisure and the ever-popular outdoor segment include the new bio-based PHOBOTEX® NTR-50 durable water repellent finish (DWR). It delivers excellent water repellence while achieving a very soft handle and avoiding undesired effects like phenolic yellowing and chalk marking. Based on 50% sustainably sourced renewable feedstock material, this new DWR is free of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and formaldehyde. It is also crosslinker-free, which makes it more flexible in use.

Another breakthrough solution for sportwear, workwear, baby wear and technical textiles like tenting and parasol fabrics is the new UV-SUN® CEL LIQ. A UV absorber that improves the sun screening properties of textiles made of cellulose and PA fibers, it is easily applied from the dyebath with reactive dyes. UV-SUN® CEL LIQ UV absorber also offers outstanding exhaustion and fixation, and it has very high stability to washing and light.

Meet the Archroma team at China Interdye 2024

Being held for the 23rd time in China, China Interdye is the largest global exhibition dedicated to the dyes, pigments and textile chemicals industry. With a floor area of 60,000 square meters, the event showcases a wide variety of products, from pretreatment auxiliaries to dyes and textile chemicals and printing equipment.

Visit Archroma at Booth A108 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from April 17 to 19, 2024.

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