Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals, and the former textile, paper and emulsions businesses of Clariant, will share its passion for sustainability with Brazil’s vibrant textile industry at Febratex 2014 from August 12-15, 2014 in Santa Catarina.

With the motto: “We touch and color people’s lives, every day, everywhere”, Archroma’s value-adding textile dyes, chemicals and services promote the creation of exciting, quality textiles using environmentally-friendlier and more sustainable manufacturing processes and products.

Visitors to Archroma’s booth will be enticed by dynamic color and low temperature innovations and services stemming from its dedication to ecological benefits and delivering economic efficiency, performance and advanced textile colors and effects to customers.

“Without compromising innovative performance features, Archroma’s solutions support the evolution of the global textile industry in a more sustainable direction as it responds to increasing pressure for environmentally-friendlier garments manufactured with a focus on health, welfare and resource saving,” comments Lawrence Dougall, Head of Textile Specialties, Archroma, Brazil.

Color innovations for more sustainable end-products

  • ADVANCED DENIM: With its award-winning ADVANCED DENIM concept, Archroma aims at developing new technologies for achieving exciting color and material effects while reducing the impact of denim manufacturing on the environment. When employing Archroma’s Advanced Denim technology, based on Archroma’s breakthrough “Denim-Ox” and “Pad/Sizing-Ox” processes, water consumption can be reduced by up to 92%, up to 63% of the usual cotton waste can be avoided, and up to 30% can be saved in energy costs compared to traditional denim processes. Archroma recently estimated that the use of its Advanced Denim technology had allowed savings of approximately 700 million liters of water in 2012 alone. The figure is truly impressive: Advanced Denim was used only in an extremely small part of the worldwide production of jeans; imagine how much water could be saved if more manufacturers joined the Advanced Denim revolution!

Archroma received the ICIS Innovation Award for its Advanced Denim concept in 2012.

  • Optisul® C: These newly launched dyes enable manufacturers to expand their color horizons with a new range of six dyes especially designed to produce soft colors in continuous dyeing processes. These affinity-free sulfide-free* dyes, suitable for GOTS** and bluesign®1 approval, can be combined with each other at low concentrations to obtain collections of jeans in a wide array of easily achievable and reproducible soft colors.
  • ONE WAY: Archroma’s ONE WAY Sustainability Service helps textile mills, brands and retailers to develop innovative solutions that are both more ecologically and economically sustainable, by providing a fast, measurable and reliable approach to the selection of chemical products and process solutions. The effectiveness of its sustainability calculation system was confirmed in physical tests carried out by leading machine builder Fong’s. In October 2013, Archroma received the prestigious ICIS “Best Business Innovation” Award for ONE WAY. With the Award, ICIS recognized Archroma’s strong commitment to innovation with world-class quality standards, high service levels, cost-efficiency and sustainability.
  • DOUBLE BLACK: Designed to excite the fashion industry, Archroma’s DOUBLE BLACK is a synergy of dyeing technologies that creates stunning, deep black shades under any lighting conditions, with great flexibility and excellent wash-fastness. Archroma’s DOUBLE BLACK brings together in one process a sulfur black dyestuff, Diresul® Black RDT-2KS liq, and a reactive black dyestuff, Drimaren® Black CL-S, resulting in deep black shades and enhanced performance for cellulose fibers. Archroma’s DOUBLE BLACK combines the high performance of sulfur blacks such as perspiration- and light-fastness, with the features of reactive blacks: shade flexibility, repetitive washing fastness, etc. All this is achieved without an increase in processing time because scouring and Diresul® black dyeing are carried out at the same time.

Low temperature innovations for more sustainable production

Low temperature processes allow tremendous savings in energy, water and other resources, but can be extremely complex. Archroma’s experts offer a constant flow of innovations and solutions aimed at allowing customers to reap such benefits with its BLUE MAGIC all-in-one bleaching process or Drimaren® HF and Drimaren® CL dyes for cellulose.

  • BLUE MAGIC: Archroma’s all-in-one bleaching auxiliary is the key to the new BLUE MAGIC process. Based on Imerol® BLUE liq, it generates both economic and ecological advantages. Besides its advanced brightening effect, BLUE MAGIC provides higher productivity, simplified handling, better uniformity and improved dye-ability, with less impact on the environment.

Based on the “Singulet Bleaching Technology”, Imerol® BLUE liq is a wizard with a hat full of fantastic magic tools. One single product delivers an efficient, economic and short discontinuous pretreatment. Whether customers need a ready-for-dyeing grade or the brighter optical white, the BLUE MAGIC process will deliver it, without a separate rinsing. This results not only in shorter time and reduced energy, but also in reduced water consumption. From yarn to cotton flocks, to terry towels, woven and knitwear, the BLUE MAGIC process can allow savings of up to 50% in water, 40% in energy and 50% in time.

  • Drimaren® HF and Drimaren® CL: Archroma’s Drimaren® HF and Drimaren® CL range of reactive dyes shows robust dyeing behavior on modern, ultra-low liquor ratio, dyeing machinery combined with low temperature (60°C) washing off requirements guarantee resource savings and ensure environmental sustainability. The range provides a high degree of fixation, reproducibility and excellent washing-off and wet-fastness properties in both exhaust and continuous applications.

Meet Archroma Textile Specialties during Febratex 2014 at Sector 1, Street 1 or visit

* Below limits of detection according to industry standard test methods
Optisul®, Diresul®, Drimaren® and Imerol® are registered trademarks of Archroma
bluesign® is a registered trademark of bluesign Technologies AG
GOTS (or Global Organic Textile Standard) is a standard of International Working Group on Global Organic Textile Standard
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