Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals, is present at Febratex 2016, where it will underscore its commitment to sustainability and introduce to the Brazilian market its recently launched Color Atlas, all under the motto: “Go for colors! Go for sustainability! Go for Brazil!”

Color Atlas is a color library the company created to easily bring color creativity and manageability to an entire new level for stylists and designers, brands and retailers, and their suppliers. Archroma also will highlight its Inkpresso® system for digital printing, Nuva N-Series C6 products for sustainable stain management, and Drimaren® CL dyes for cellulose.

Pride of place on the Febratex booth will be reserved for the Color Atlas by Archroma – a cotton poplin color library with more than 4,300 readily available new shades. The six volumes in this “physical library” come in an innovative, new, accordion-fold design that allows for quick, intuitive browsing of the samples. Colorful book covers indicate the shades that lie within each volume, and secure tabs help keep the swatches neat and ordered while allowing them to be easily removed.

As an added feature, a mobile-friendly Color Atlas Online offers features such as “color-on-the-go,” which allows users to capture an image using your smartphone, identify the closest Color Atlas shades and, if desired, purchase a color sample instantly.

“With our new Color Atlas tool, we believe we are redefining the concept of a color library for the textile industry,” says Brad McClanahan, Head of Service Businesses at Archroma Textile Specialties. “We offer what we believe is a unique set of tools – through web-based software and customized services – for color selection, color development, color standards, and the communication of seasonal color palettes.”

McClanahan will be presenting about the Color Atlas on Archroma’s booth at 16:00 hours each day at the show.

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The Color Atlas by Archroma® comprises 6 volumes organized by color group.

Take a picture, upload it, find related colors available in the Color Atlas by Archroma® and order the color swatch – in just a few clicks; this is “color-on-the-go”.

The company also plans to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability. Textile Specialties, one of three business units of the Reinach, Switzerland-based Archroma, collaborates closely with brands and textile manufacturers to address such issues. Archroma actively evaluates the environmental impacts of textile treatment, dyeing and finishing processes – and recognizes that it’s no longer sufficient to merely comply with relevant regulations.

“At Archroma we are dedicated to developing the latest technologies to deliver fashion trends in the most sustainable ways possible,” says Lawrence Dougall, Head of Sales LATAM South and Brazil at Archroma. “We aim at helping brand owners and textile mills by letting them know how our colors are made, and how and where our raw materials are made. We are more than happy to share that information, not only with our customers, but also the final consumer.”

Through its intense research and development efforts and application of innovative chemistries, Archroma has made numerous advancements that are making textile manufacturing more earth-friendly. It’s also working closely with brand associations to help establish standards and management frameworks, as well as with the brands and their manufacturers themselves, to help enable the textile value chain to achieve these aims.

Archroma believes its Inkpresso system, unveiled late last year, will reshape textile digital printing. Developed with Ink-Situ, a Swiss technology provider, Inkpresso will change the way inks are supplied to digital printers. The system brings together benefits that previously were unattainable in inkjet printing – production flexibility, the elimination of shelf-life problems, a larger color spectrum, and the possibility of an individual coloristic fingerprint.

The growth potential for Inkpresso is tremendous. Despite fast-growing interest in digital printing, still only about 2% of the 20 billion linear meters of printed textiles that are produced each year currently employ that technique.

The Nuva N series, a generation of fluorocarbons based on C6 chemistry, provides long lasting and excellent soil repellency and release effects, are easy to handle and non-sensitive in regard to compatibility with other finishing chemicals.

Nuva N products made using this C6 chemistry provide state-of-the-art stain management for textiles and carpets, including both active and passive protection. These products are officially classified as free (i.e., below the limit of detection) of PFOS (perfluorooctanyl sulfonate) and PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) because they are produced using a telomerization process which neither uses PFOS or PFOA, nor are they added to the commercial products in subsequent production steps.

Among its broad portfolio of solutions for dyeing of all fibers and blends, Archroma offers Drimaren innovative reactive dyes for coloration of cellulosic substrates by exhaust, continuous and printing application. Its Drimaren CL option is an economical reactive dye range with high color strength for dyeing cellulosic fibers. It is recommended mainly for dyeing medium to deep shades in exhaust application processes. These dyes provide very good washing-off and wet-fastness properties, and meet standard retailer and brand house requirements.

Learn about all these products and developments and more at Febratex. We hope to see you there!

For further details about Archroma’s Color Management and Color Atlas, view the information available online at, and

Inkpresso®, Drimaren®, Nuva® and Color Atlas by Archroma® are trademarks registered by Archroma in many countries.

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