Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals, will be at the Paperex 2017 to highlight Archroma’s solutions and expertise to enhance both the optical and functional properties of board and paper – with a special focus on sustainability.

  • Visit Archroma at Paperex 2017, Hall 7B, Stand 7B11, from November 1 – 4, 2017 in New Delhi, India

True to its motto “It’s our nature/ Eco-advanced colors and functionalities for Packaging & Paper”, Archroma’ s specialists will help visitors to explore tailor-made solutions to help meet their challenges and requirements regarding performance, cost and application, in particular in the following areas:

  • Eco-advanced dyes & pigments – Cartasol® & Cartaren®

New EU regulations set extremely low limits for diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (TEA) in dyed paper and board products that come into contact with food. Within its Cartasol® range, Archroma has developed several new dyes providing paper makers with regulation-compliant alternatives that also reduce effluent loading and thus improve cost-efficiency and eco-profile.
The range includes a series of superior cationic direct dyes that combine excellent substantivity and bleedfastness with cleaner backwaters and reduce costs and complexity by eliminating the need for fixatives.
Most Cartasol® dyes are also compliant with the requirements of major eco-labels such as Nordic Swan, Blue Angel and EU Ecolabel.

The Cartaren® organic pigment preparations, to be readily incorporated in aqueous systems, are used for the coloration of for example high quality printing and writing papers, art papers and other technical papers. They comply with the European standard for Nonylphenyl content.

  • Barrier and coating for packaging – Cartaguard®

When applied to products such as fast food boxes and wrappers, pet food packaging, molded pulp plates and boxes containing bouillon cubes, Archroma’s Cartaguard® coatings provide strong and long-lasting barrier against grease and water.
The series includes an additive that has been optimized for the production of molded pulp packaging and can be added to thick stock.
These cationic fluoropolymers have been approved for food contact both by the American FDA and Germany’s Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR).

  • Deposit control for recyclability and productivity – Cartaspers®

Pitch and stickies are the result of natural resin residues and other adhesive material found in wood fibers and in address labels or self-sealing envelopes. Both can seriously compromise recycled papermaking by clogging up machinery and causing unwanted agglomerations and deposits.
Archroma’s Cartaspers® polymers can solve that problem in different ways. The latest innovation in the range, Cartaspers® PLH liquid, is a single-product breakthrough enabling easy and highly-effective control of pitch and stickies deposition especially in soft water pulp and papermaking environments. Pulp mill tests already report easier application, better performance and significant cost savings compared to alternative deposit control systems.
Easy to use and effective in a wide variety of environments, our deposit control polymers reduce downtime, improve end product quality and bring a host of other economic and ecological advantages.

  • Crosslinkers solutions for surface strength – Cartabond®

Our Cartabond® crosslinkers are highly effective surface strength improvers that crosslink a wide variety of natural and synthetic binders and drastically reduce such undesirable effects as dusting, picking and linting during the printing process by lowering the amount of weakly bonded particles and fibers present in the paper surface. Suitable for offset printing, coated publication and silicone release paper grades, the crosslinkers are of particular value when replacing synthetic binders with higher levels of bio-latex.

“At Archroma, we continuously challenge the status quo in the deep belief that we can make our industry sustainable. At the Paperex Expo, we ambition to show papermakers in India and the rest of the world how we can make it easier than ever for them to develop both creative solutions and lessen the environmental and health impact of their products and production processes,” comments Shashikeerthy Ubranimath, Head of Sales & Marketing, Packaging & Paper Specialties, South Asia, at Archroma.

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