Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals, and the former textile, paper and emulsions businesses of Clariant, is looking to secure a home-win at this year’s Denim by Premiere Vision (DPV) in Barcelona with its amazing new effects for jeans that stand-out from the crowd.

  • Spectacular color effects achieved more sustainably and easily than ever with new Optisul® C dyes
  • Expanded blue garment collection for endless potential of indigo-alternative ADVANCED DENIM dyeing solutions
  • Experts at the forefront for color effects, color matching and color management
  • Archroma’s ONE WAY sustainability service available to the most responsible denim players

Barcelona, which recently made the headlines for receiving the European Commission’s “European Capital of Innovation” award for 2014, is home to Archroma’s Global Denim Center. Throughout May 21-22, its specialists will be close at-hand to share their extensive expertise in ever more sustainable denim dyeing and color management, with the denim community, retailers and brand owners. Visitors to Booth B03 can look forward to garment collections and prototypes highlighting the potential of Archroma’s new technologies for more sustainable and exciting fashion and results.

Bring out the hidden color of your jeans: in keeping with the event’s theme “Play the Game”, a capsule collection of jeans will capture a highly-innovative new way for designers to play around with wash-down techniques to apply spectacular “local” effects and contrasts, all using Archroma’s eco-efficient dyeing technology and dyes specialties.
The eye-catching results are achieved by combining Archroma’s new Optisul® C sulfur dyes – affinity-free sulfide-free* dyes, suitable for GOTS** and bluesign®1 approval – with select Printofix® T pigments.

Great casual collections made easy and sustainably: collection of Chinos with high versatility in wash-down effects. Optisul® C dyes allow easier application than current techniques. Their use in a Pad-Dry/Pad-Dry process makes woven fabric dyeing with almost zero water consumption a real possibility.

New way to color finishes: With Optisul® C liquid dyes, Archroma presents a new option to combine resins and dyes to create touches and finishes without compromising the casual final look.
This new alternative for coloring finishings is especially suitable for “local” chemical wash-downs allowing to create more natural look than conventional pigment coloring.

Blue garment collection alternative to indigo: Manufactured with eco-conscious ADVANCED DENIM technology and its Diresul® RDT Indicolors specialties. Yarn dyeing using Archroma’s ADVANCED DENIM technology helps adding to the desired “sustainable touch” with unlimited tones and shades. Based on “Denim-Ox” and “Pad/Sizing-Ox” processes, ADVANCED DENIM enables water consumption to be reduced by up to 92%, up to 87% of the usual cotton waste can be avoided, and up to 30% can be saved in energy costs compared to traditional denim processes.

As ADVANCED DENIM technologies are being adopted by more and more denim mills around the globe, visitors will be able to see denim articles made using the technology at booths of important exhibitors at the show.

Orchid tones: With its team of color management specialists Archroma is at the forefront of supporting customers in choosing the best technical recipe and process for denim, woven and garment dyeing for collections based on this year’s color trend. Archroma helps customers turn technology into benefits that can be seen and felt.

Sustainability calculator: Visitors will be able to evaluate the potential savings of ADVANCED DENIM using Archroma’s ONE WAY system. ONE WAY is a 3-step systematic approach to the selection of chemicals and production processes. It allows customers to assess the cost, performance and environmental profile of the evaluated products and processes.
ONE WAY was honored with the prestigious ICIS Innovation Award for Best Business Innovation 2013, and the effectiveness of its sustainability calculation system was confirmed in physical tests carried out by leading machine builder Fong’s.

Nuria Estape, Project Manager for ADVANCED DENIM at Archroma, comments: “Archroma’s technologies aim at helping customers to take not only their creativity but also their environmental responsibility to new levels. With more than 2 billion pairs of jeans made every year all over the world, there is room to create with ADVANCED DENIM a much more sustainable denim industry! With the wide palette of tones and looks achievable through ADVANCED DENIM, we truly honor our slogan at the show: “We touch and color people’s lives every day, everywhere”.

* Below limits of detection according to industry standard test methods
** GOTS (or Global Organic Textile Standard) is a standard of international working group on global organic textile standard

Optisul® is a registered trademark of Archroma
OEKO-TEX® is a registered trademark of OEKO-TEX® Association
bluesign® is a registered trademark of bluesign Technologies AG
®1 Registered trademark of Bluesign Technologies AG
© 2014 Archroma

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