The Mowilith® product line and Mowicoll® for our ready-to-use adhesives are the perfect choice for wood glues, finger joints, paper and packaging applications, lamination, pressure sensitive adhesives, flooring, industrial adhesives, book binding and adhesives for textiles.

Paper and packaging

In the area of adhesives, waterbased emulsions are suitable for an extremely wide range of applications, like winding paper tubes, scholar glues and corrugated board.

Industrial adhesives and PSA

Archroma offers a wide range of adhesives including industrial adhesives and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA) to meet such properties as high cohesion, adhesion or high speed setting.

Wood adhesives

For many applications, waterbased wood glues also need to meet requirements like DIN EN 204 for D3 and D4. Mowilith® emulsions for wood adhesives as a one-pack or two-pack formulation meet these requirements.

Book binding and lamination

Apart from the manufacture and sealing of packaging, Mowilith® emulsions are used for book binding and applications in the lamination industry.

Featured product portfolio

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A broad range of acrylic, styrene acrylic, vinyl acrylic and terpolymer products including but not limited to interior and exterior wall paints, plasters, primers and textured paints. Products provide outstanding performance for waterborne coatings , enamels , varnishes and paints in general. Self crosslinking , wet adhesion promoting , UV resistance, stain blocking systems are among the capabilities of the offered product portfolio.

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