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With our dedicated research & development team, we are a pioneering company in developing patented and REACH-registered chemistries unique to Archroma of anionic direct, cationic direct and modified basic liquid dyes, especially designed for paper application.

We remain one of the few companies with a complete range of colorants. Of course we can offer the same color indexes as other producers, but often with superior formulations offering higher stability or regulatory compliance.

In addition we have many products which are unique to Archroma offering our customers more possibilities to add value to their paper. Besides anionic and cationic direct dyes, we offer basic and modified basics, specialized sulphur dyes specifically developed for safe and optimal use in the paper industry, security products and state of the art pigment dispersions for any application.

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Additional to CIE L*a*b* values, product performance, food-contact approvals and recommended application.

More than 80% of Archroma paper colorants included in the Color Finder, fulfill the requirements of at least one eco-label.

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