Pioneering Sustainable Solutions for Coloration

At Archroma, we take pride in our pioneering efforts in developing patented and REACH-registered chemistries for compostable dyes. With our dedicated research and development team, we offer a unique range of anionic direct, cationic direct, and modified basic liquid dyes, specially designed for paper applications.

Colorants from our Carta®, Cartasol® F, and Cartafix® range have been meticulously selected to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendlier coloration in the paper industry. As one of the few companies with a complete color range of certified compostable colorants for industrial compostation, we are committed to promoting sustainability.

Sustainable Excellence in Coloration and Compostability

Our compostable dyes and fixatives for colored tissue and paper not only provide exceptional color performance but also meet the most rigorous compostability standards. When applied to compostable materials at a specified concentration of dry weight, our dyes fulfill the evaluation criteria for heavy metals and fluorine, biodegradation, ecotoxicity, and plant growth tests, as outlined in EN 13432 (2000), NF-T51-800 (2015), ASTM D6400 (2012, 2021), and ISO 17088 (2012).

Key Features of Archroma's Compostable Dyes:

  • Uncompromised color brilliance: Our dyes deliver vibrant, eye-catching colors that meet the demands of the most discerning brands and consumers, ensuring that sustainable papers and products are also visually appealing. Achieve a complete shade gamut, including deep shades, using liquid and powder dyes with fixatives that ensure clear backwater and excellent bleed-fastness.
  • Compliance with International Standards: Paper makes, converters and brands can select the dyes they need to adhere to globally recognized compostability standards, meeting strict requirements regarding heavy metal and fluorine content, biodegradation, and ecotoxicity. The selected product range is compostability compliant and adheres to food contact regulations specified in BfRXXXVI, ensuring its suitability for food contact paper applications.

Benefits of Archroma's compostable dyes:

  • More sustainable coloration: By utilizing Archroma's range of compostable dyes, manufacturers can significantly enhance the sustainability profile of their products, contributing to a circular economy and reducing the environmental footprint.
  • Reliable performance: These dyes are carefully formulated to offer excellent color-fastness, durability, and stability, ensuring that the colors remain vibrant and consistent throughout the product's lifecycle. The fixatives ensure excellent bleed-fastness and clear backwater.

Color Finder: discover your sustainable solution

Already have a specific color in mind? Try our free Color Finder tool and explore our range of eco-friendlier solutions. Alongside CIE Lab* values, product performance, and food-contact approvals, more than 80% of Archroma paper colorants included in the Color Finder fulfill the requirements of at least one eco-label.

Choose Archroma's compostable dyes for your paper applications and embrace a greener and more sustainable future. Join us in our commitment to environmentally friendlier color solutions for a better world.

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