Hygiene & protection for your textile products

Personal protective textiles needed, specially nowadays, in healthcare or hospitals must fulfil many performance requirements, where one of the most important properties is the resistance against fluids. Creating a barrier against fluids is needed to avoid skin contact with infective contaminants.

Ideally, medical textiles and clothing should be treated with additives proving some barrier, anti-bacterial and viral reduction on the textile.

Archroma has the expertise and technology systems to make sure that your clothes are safe.

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Hygiene management

An antimicrobial treatment provides additional protection, better hygiene and reduced odor, as any adhered bacteria are deactivated and unable to grow. In medical hygiene this is very important as multi-resistant MRSA is a common threat nowadays and adds a risk to any virus-infected person who is hospitalized.

SANITIZED AG, our partner for hygiene technologies, aids measures to promote hygiene management.

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Repellent barrier

A repellent treatment of the textile helps to create a barrier effect on the surface and to allow less droplets sticking to the outer layer of the mask by minimizing contact between a potentially infectious agent and the fabric.

Protection with Smartrepel® Hydro

  • Hydrophobic barrier against water

Best-in-class protection

Archroma has you covered with potentially life-saving chemistry, in the outer layer, that helps to create a barrier against contaminated sneezes and droplets, and with antimicrobial treatments for the middle layer that provides additional material protection for better hygiene and comfort. The inner layer is usually kept chemical-free to avoid skin irritation.

Community masks

COVID-19 transmits from people to people due to water-based droplets transportation.

The virus can adhere to various surfaces, and can be carried by breath vapor and saliva droplets.

When our daily lives return to normal again, it is likely that masks will be part of our regular equipment. We will need to be protected with a comfortable and efficent face mask.

Archroma has the expertise and technology systems to make sure that your mask have you covered.


A hygiene & protection system against harmful particles that keep you and your skin dry and fresh for longer

  • Viral load reduction up to 99.9%*
    • Quat-based antibacterial protection
    • Silver based antibacterial protection
  • Moisture management
    • Wicking performance for Hydry

*Up to 99,9% applied in the right fabric with the right conditions, according ISO 1818-4

Main benefits in a nutshell

  • Safe products from a reliable global partner who applies international safety standards
  • No hazardous chemicals in our products
  • Products registered under a wide range of legal rules and organizations
  • Virus load reduction up to 99.9%*
  • A particle-free system for reliable bacteriostatic protection
  • Customer support by Sanitized partner for inhouse testing, regulatory expertise, innovative marketing tools and support to promote the benefits of the Sanitized®
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Can we wear masks all day long, and at the same time stay dry and fresh underneath?


  • Feeling protected against virus, bacteria, microbes and other harmful pollutants
  • Keeping our skin, and the air we breathe in, fresh and comfortable all day long


  • Most masks are not designed well enough to transfer the humidity away from your skin…
  • … and this can cause skin irritation and ‘mask acne’

What's an enhanced fabric mask?

  • Construction should offer minimum 2 to 3 layers;
  • Each layer has a different function, fiber and finish;
  • Each layer needs to be as breathable as possible;
  • The chemicals must be particle-free to avoid particle inhalation whilst breathing;
  • The chemical treatments need to offer some level of wash durability, as this is the major argument for textile masks.

Care instruction

Hygiene cleaning

  • Home wash up to 60º for minimum 30 minutes
  • Do not use any softener or dryer sheets
  • Complete tumbler dry and iron with steam
  • Check that the mask is completely dried
  • ZDHC Compliant
  • bluesign® APPROVED
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Metal Free
  • Resource Saving
  • Impact On Waste water
  • Cost Optimization
  • Fresh & Odorless
  • Durability/Stay New
  • Microbial material protection
  • Blood Protection
  • Liquid Protection
  • Soil & Stain Protection
  • Grass Protection
  • Pilling Protection
  • Friction Protection
  • Quick Dry
  • Moisture Management

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View our webinar on solutions for medical textiles (Technical Textiles Series)

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