Our Cartaseal®barrier coatings are designed to impart anti-slip, moisture vapour barrier, and high water, oil and grease resistance properties depending on the product selected. They not only provide fluorine-free and FDA-approved protection against water and vapor, but also prevent the penetration of oils, fats and solvents. Cartaseal® range can be applied by various coating techniques such as blade, rod or curtaincoater. Non-contact drying is essential to fully form the film.

Gloss improver

Cartacoat® provide gloss improvement of lightweight coated paper by replacing parts of the coating mix, such as kaolin. It can be applied directly into the coating mix. In certain circumstances calendaring of the paper can be removed from the process while maintaining the gloss level.

Rheology modifiers

Cartacoat® RM range are designed to improve coating runnability and properties by lowering the water penetration rate into the base paper. Cartacoat® RM range is a replacement of conventional synthetic rheology modifiers. It offers lower blade pressure, possible coater speed increase as well as an opportunity to increase solids which have a positive effect on optical and print properties along with improved coating speed. The Cartacoat® RM range is FDA and BfR compliant.


Cartacoat® B range of binders are water based styrene acrylate emulsion polymers. The Cartacoat® B range is used as a coating binder for applications that require high binder strength, improved binder strength, soda resistance, good offset performance and archival properties. Cartacoat® B range can be added to the coating color at different rates depending on the properties required. A low quantity added to the coating color with starch will improve the print performance while higher quantities will seal the surface giving higher water resistance.


Cartabond® crosslinkers are highly effective surface strength improvers. They will crosslink with a wide variety of natural and synthetic binders to improve the surface structure of the sheet to reduce dusting, picking and linting at the paper surface because the amount of weakly bonded particles and fibers have been reduced. This characteristic is of particular value in the production of offset printing, coated publication and silicone release paper grades and for use of higher levels of bio-latex to replace synthetic binder. They quickly crosslink binders as soon as water is evaporated from the paper surface in the drying section of the paper machine and are compatible in most coating and size press formulations.

Surface sizing agents

Cartacol® range are anionic surface sizing agents based on styrene acrylics. They are designed to improve the sizing and printability properties of multipurpose papers. Typical properties that are improved are toner adhesion, feathering and bleeding. Cartacol® can be added at the size/film press or in the coating colour.

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