Performance combined with rapid biodegradability

Kieralon® SAN liq is an anionic surfactant with optimum application properties for the home and personal care industry as well in chemical-technical segments.

Based on secondary alkane sulphonate sodium salt Kieralon® SAN liq is applied in detergents, hand dishwashing liquids and a broad range of cleaners.

Why to use?

  • Environmentally friendly surfactant with rapid biodegradation
  • Good skin compatibility allowing formulation of mild dishwashing liquids for sensitive skin
  • Good drainage properties and rapid drying of dishes
  • Excellent grease- and soil-dispersing action
  • Easy formulation of flowable, highly concentrated detergents and cleaners with low water content with no solvents and preservatives; saves transport and packaging
  • Pronounced foaming power
  • Cost reduction by possibility of manufacturing highly concentrated liquid cleaners without hydrotropes
  • Increases action of modern detergent additives, e.g. soil release polymers – see Hydroperm® 3702.

Application areas:

  • Dishwashing liquids
    Standard dishwashing liquids
    Dishwashing liquid concentrate
  • Laundry detergents
    Liquid detergents
    Detergent powders
    Detergent pastes
    Soaking agents
  • Household cleaners
    All-purpose cleaners
    Liquid metal/ceramic cleaners
    Sanitary cleaners
    Toilet freshener blocks
    Floor cleaners
    Glass cleaners
  • Cosmetics
    Shower gels
    Foam baths
    Liquid soaps
  • Industrial cleaners
    Automotive cleaners
    Metal degreasing agents
    Alkaline rust removers
    Hand cleaners

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