The Archroma production facility in Langweid, Germany, is a state-of-the-art specialty chemicals plant that offers also toll and contract manufacturing services to its customers.

"With our broad manufacturing, analytical and regulatory expertise we can create value and exceed business expectations for existing and new customers."

Thomas Wackerbauer, Site Director Langweid

Our tolling strengths

Typical processes

  • Polymerization
  • Quarterization, condensations and additions
  • Modification of polymers
  • Hydrolysis
  • Formulation of inorganic and organic water based blends
  • Filtration processes
  • Emulsification
  • High-pressure homogenization
  • Solvent removal, distillation
  • Transferring and filling
  • YOUR process

Tolling Services Key Facts

  • Experienced toll manufacturing partner for several customers
  • Broad technical capabilities (Ex and non-Ex)
  • Modern laboratories and highly experienced associates
  • Certified management system ISO 9001, 14001, 50001
  • Professional Process Safety Management (fulfills HAZOP studies)
  • Global communications and support in multiple languages

Flexible manufacturing and broad technical capabilities

Handling batch and semi-batch processes, our highly automated production facilities include a chemical production plant and a pilot plant.

  • 22 reactors (2-25m3. stainless steel, glass lined)
  • Vacuum, temperature max 300ºc
  • Highly flexible filling and packaging
  • Pilot plant and process development from lab to 1 cubic meter
  • High flexible automation with a modern process control system

Raw materials

The Archroma Langweid tank farm allows for bulk storage of a wide variety of chemicals

  • Organic solvents, acids, alkalines, monomers
  • 43 tanks (25-63m3)
  • Direct piping to production vessel or switchboard


We are able to package your finished products in a range of packaging units, including canisters, drums and tanker trucks.

Storage and warehousing

We operate two warehouses:

A high-bay warehouse for finished goods and one for packed raw materials

Storage categories, including:

  • A unit for safe storage of highly flammable peroxide liquids
  • A cold storage unit for temperature-sensitive chemicals, such as monomers
  • Flexible shipment due to customer needs

Safe and sustainable operations

  • Process safety is a core value of Archroma and an integral part of our global safety, health and environment (SHE) standards. At Langweid, we have a robust process safety management system in place to proactively prevent any process-related incipient. It includes:
    • Regular process safety risk reviews conducted by highly skilled and experienced experts to continuously improve our risk reduction measures
    • An excellent industrial hygiene program that identifies and mitigates hazards to ensure the health and safety of our employees
    • A well-defined emergency response system supported by an in-house fire brigade
    • Our process safety systems complement Archroma's state-of-the art SHE management system to protect our employees, customers, communities and the environment
    • Product safety and REACH competency

How to start?

  • Business needs
  • Production process
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Lab trials and scale-up evaluation
  • Production trial
  • Tolling/Contract
  • Manufacturing agreement

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Archroma International (Germany) Gmbh
Rehlinger Strasse 1
86462 Langweid, Germany

Phone: +49-8230 410

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