The Color Atlas by Archroma is a point of company pride

The Color Atlas by Archroma represents a true labor of love, one born from a belief that we can capture as much of the color spectrum as possible for our customers. The idea is to offer you options you’ve never even dreamed of, and the ultimate goal is to deliver your final choice with unparalleled accuracy, no matter the application. We’ve spent over 120 years dedicated to the art and science of color, and the Color Atlas by Archroma is a testament to our customer-first philosophy, as well as our unique ability to innovate.

When we set out to create the Color Atlas by Archroma, the goal was to create an empowering color tool, one that would help you find the exact color you need for your specific application. That’s why the book’s format and layout has been specifically designed for ease of use:

  • Over 4,300 new colors sorted and arranged under daylight (D65) in a 6 volume book set
  • Browse the colors of each volume quickly
  • Every volume features a Visual Color Index
  • Accordion design allows book to be stood up or hung on a wall
  • Color flow is lightest at top and brightest at right for consistency
  • Secure double tabs allow cotton poplin swatches to be easily removed
  • Engineered Color Standards are reproducible in production, and may be purchased for every color
  • Mill technical support is also available through Archroma’s global offices
  • Many colors have been formulated with dyes that comply with leading international eco-standards

We’ve also gone to great lengths to merge the physical with the digital, which is evident through our Digital Atlas App and our NFC technology:

  • Color Atlas Online allows for easy online color browsing:
  • Ability to use your mobile device to take photos or use existing images to search the library to find matching colors via Color Atlas Online
  • Online color search inNFC and QR technologies are included for swift access to Color Atlas Online includes RGB, Hex, L*a*b*, .qtx
  • The NFC tags on Engineered Color Standards provide order number and date, and link you to a web page dedicated to each color on Color Atlas Online
  • Color Atlas Online offers dedicated color pages with dyeing recipes, technical support, and visual representation of similar colors
  • Every tone category can be browsed: bright, dull, pale, grayish, light, etc.
  • Color Atlas Online offers responsive design for an optimized user experience on desktop, mobile, or tablet devices
  • Social platform lets users share colors

Remember that our Engineered Color Standards are used for communicating your colors to your producing mills, which leads to the best possible product correlation at the store. Our Design Tools are available to assist designers during the creative process while presenting, promoting, and developing their seasonal palettes, and mill technical support is available through Archroma’s global offices

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