Archroma is well known for its innovations and sustainable solution systems aimed at helping manufacturers to optimize productivity and/or create value in their markets. In 2019, a ground-breaking binder Appretan® NTR, made with 30% active content based on natural, renewable raw materials was designed for use in nonwoven articles such as tea bags and coffee filters. Now in 2022, the paper & packaging R&D experts of Archroma decided to explore the properties of Appretan® NTR for paper-based packaging applications and now Appretan® NTR can be applied to impart barrier properties to selected types of food packaging.

Nature-based barrier for paper food packaging

When buying and eating a fresh wrap, panini or sandwich few think of the packaging and the requirements it has to meet.

To increase its oil and water resistance paper-based food packaging is sometimes lined with a plastic film that makes composting or recycling difficult and often can only be achieved with chemicals that are potentially harmful to our health and to the environment. While effective in their purpose this coating makes the packaging very difficult to recycle since most recycling plants are unable to separate the plastic coating from the paper on a large scale. As a consequence, these environmentally unfriendly materials start to build up in landfills and household waste sites.

Appretan® NTR can be used to provide a more sustainable barrier option for food packaging used with a short contact time, such as burger or sandwich paper wraps. It is the next big step to create a more sustainable food protection barrier in the Pulp & Paper Industry because it is plastic-free. Appretan® NTR does not impact the recycling process negatively and offers increased potential for compostability and repulpability.

As Appretan® NTR is made with over 30% natural and renewable packaging components which helps to reduce the impact on climate change, eco-system, human health and resources by minimizing dependence on the oil industry.


Appretan® NTR is a nature-based PFC-free alternative for food packaging barriers and compliant with the food contact regulations of BfR and FDA.

Appretan® NTR supports the increasing adoption of renewable eco-advanced materials and production processes by the Pulp & Paper Industry adhering to standards such as Blue Angel, Nordic Swan and EU Eco Flower.

  • FDA compliant
  • BfR compliant
  • Nordic Swan Compliant
  • Blue Angel Compliant
  • EU flower compliant
  • Pfc Free


Appretan® NTR is offers resistance to oil, grease and water for general food packaging used with a short contact time.

Appretan® NTR is PFC- and plastic free and as such has increased potential for compostability and easier recycling.

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Nature-based polymers for food contact

Consumers aspire to goods that bring them function, beauty ... and meaning – goods that are made in a more sustainable and responsible way. When it comes to products that contain food, we all want that extra level of protection that will keep us and our loved ones safe.

With that in mind, Archroma developed Appretan® NTR, a break-through coating binder range based on renewable natural ingredients for applications such as tea bags, coffee filters or capsules.

About one third of Appretan® NTR’s active content is based on a polysacharide from renewable raw materials, allowing a reduction in the use of fossil fuel based resources without compromising performance.

Appretan® NTR complies with the stringent BfR food contact regulation standard, whilst providing excellent mechanical properties as such and in boiling water.

  • Acrylic copolymer containing 1/3 of renewable raw materials
  • Hydrophobic and high film formation
  • Formaldehyde free*
  • Non-biocidal
  • APEO free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Apeo free
  • Non-biocidal
  • BfR Compliant

Creating Sustainable Solutions

Archroma is committed to developing innovative products and processes that are safer for the consumer and for the environment. We strongly believe, based on our extensive experience in textile processing, that sustainability can generate innovation, performance and can even lead to cost reductions for our customers. For this reason, our clear ambition is to offer our customers the best possible product solution package for them in each textile segments.

Innovation is a core competence of Archroma, which ensures that our products and services meet future demands, foster future technologies and contribute to a more sustainable textile industry.

As a global leader in color and specialty chemicals, together with our trusted heritage, our new product solution packages and innovations, we aim to be a reliable partner for textile mills as well as major retailers and brands for the whole textile chain – from the first idea to the final garment.

Discover more information in our Appretan® NTR brochure

Fine-tuning your solution with nature-based chemistry

The Appretan® NTR range includes the following bio-based polymers designed to cover multiple applications:

Appretan® NTR 6304 liq

  • 42% solid content, Tg - 10°C, 2/5 (40%) of renewable raw materials
  • Formaldehyde free*, non-biocidal

Appretan® NTR 6553 liq

  • 40% solid content, Tg +15°C, 1/3 of renewable raw materials, non self-crosslinking
  • Formaldehyde free*, non-biocidal

Appretan® NTR 6803 liq

  • 40% solid content, Tg +40°C, 1/3 of renewable raw materials, non self-crosslinking
  • Formaldehyde free*, non-biocidal

* None of the component being used in the manufacturing process contains formaldehyde, however trace impurities of formaldehyde cannot be excluded.

Crosslinking solutions for the perfect combination

Build-up the desired aqueous bio-based polymer with high crosslinking capability with Appretan® NTR range liq by creating external crosslinking with:

  • Cartaretin® F liq, formaldehyde free* for higher strength and BfR XXXVI/1 standard compliant
  • Arkophob® DAN New liq, formaldehyde free* with low unblocking temperature and enhanced formulations compatibility and stability
  • Arkophob® XLR liq and Luprintol® Fixing Agent NF liq, formaldehyde free* with high reactivity and low cure profile
  • Appretan® PCA liq, formaldehyde free* providing strong tridimensional network by esterification
  • Cassurit® LFC liq, low formaldehyde (non H350 classified) and food contact compliant

The use of selected polymer dispersions, crosslinkers, and additives in a perfectly balanced recipe, adapted to the customer materials and requirements will be the key to success.

  • Boiling water resistance
  • Touch/Soft
  • Touch/Stiff
  • Durability

* None of the component being used in the manufacturing process contains formaldehyde, however trace impurities of formaldehyde cannot be excluded.

Harnessing the power of nature into your application

The use of bio-based raw materials brings into the Appretan® NTR polymers a constellation of reactive groups that can build, when combined with suitable crosslinkers, strong dimensional networks, providing to the system a “thermoset like” property.

That can be required in highly demanding applications where mechanical properties at high temperature are state of the art (PES spunbond for roofing, abrasive material…)

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