Introducing Earthcolors®, from nature to fashion

EarthColors® is Archroma’s patented new method of creating warm shades from nature.

These high-performance dyes are synthesized from non-edible agricultural or herbal industries waste such as leaves or nutshells. Thanks to smart technologies, EarthColors® dyes are fully traceable – from natural waste material to the store. Currently exclusive to brand owners only.

  • Warm ternary shades from nature
  • High-performance colors synthesized from the non-edible shells of nuts and leaves
  • Transformed natural waste-based colorants*
  • Traceability with NFC technology

* Range of dyes is transformed using up to 100% of raw materials from natural waste

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Creating Sustainable Solutions

Archroma is committed to developing innovative products and processes that are safer for the consumer and for the environment. We strongly believe, based on our extensive experience in textile processing, that sustainability can generate innovation, performance and can even lead to cost reductions for our customers. For this reason, our clear ambition is to offer our customers the best possible product solution package for them in each textile segments.

Innovation is a core competence of Archroma, which ensures that our products and services meet future demands, foster future technologies and contribute to a more sustainable textile industry.

As a global leader in color and specialty chemicals, together with our trusted heritage, our new product solution packages and innovations, we aim to be a reliable partner for textile mills as well as major retailers and brands for the whole textile chain – from the first idea to the final garment.

Re-Inventing dyestuff, where nature meets technology

With the boom of the petrol-based chemical industry at the turn of the 20th Century, synthetic dyestuffs of higher performance and bigger volumes started to be commercialized around the world.

EarthColors® is Archroma’s patented new method of synthesizing dyes to produce warm shades from nature.

Archroma’s EarthColors® technology creates fully traceable biosynthetic dyes derived from natural waste products of the agriculture and herbal industries; leaving the edible part still available for food consumption.

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Protecting the planet and its people

With EarthColors® we are able to produce cleanly, closing the loop, and respecting the environment

The EarthColors® technology helps to reduce the negative impact on water footprint, and preserve human wellness, natural resources, and climate change compared to conventional synthetic dyes*. Moreover, the fact that waste is up-cycled from other industries contributes to a circular economy.

Using natural waste based raw materials has no negative impact on any other steps of the dye manufacturing, such as water and energy consumption or waste generation. During the synthetization of EarthColors®, 100% of the natural raw material is transformed to a new dyestuff, guaranteeing full waste management into own production.

*Based on internal LCA comparative screening

  • Biomass Based
  • Resource Saving

Embracing traceability, from nature to fashion

Archroma’s dyes, manufactured using patented EarthColors® technology, are fully traceable – from natural waste material to the store.

Archroma is providing brand owners with the possibility to offer traceability for EarthColors®; tracking from the origin of the raw material and progress of the specific EarthColors® batch along the supply chain. Traceability information is available on smart hangtags which are attached to each item of clothing.

Awarded technology, certified environmental benefits

EarthColors® was honored with the prestigious Outdoor Gold Industry Award 2017 for Sustainable Innovations category

EarthColors® dyestuffs are bluesign® and GOTS approved products.

*Archroma's Earthcolors dyes have received the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute's Gold Level Material Health Certificate

  • bluesign® APPROVED
  • C2C Certified*

The fashion clothing brand Esprit has launched a new sustainable capsule collection dyed with EarthColors® technology.

The Esprit & EarthColors® by Archroma capsule collection consists of 11 clean basics, ranging from cotton shirts, laid-back shorts and flowing pants to accessories like canvas shopper.

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For the first time, VAUDE, a German outdoor brand -a leader in sustainability-, will launch its environmentally friendly Summer 2020 collection made by EarthColors® patented technology!

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The outdoor brand Ternua, has partnered with Archroma, and its EarthColors® patented technology, to create Nutcycle, a capsule collection of recycled t-shirts and sweatshirts, collecting, recycling and upcycling agricultural waste from the Basque region in Spain after food consumption. This collection reuses waste and applies it to garments, avoiding the use of artificial dyes.

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The outdoor brand Kathmandu has set a unique challenge by creating their most sustainable hoodie ever with EarthColors® technology. Creating a garment worthy enough to wear, transforming an ordinary hoodie into a ground-breaking garment.

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The denim brand G-Star RAW has launched its G-Star Elwood jeans collection with 2 designs colored using Earthcolors®technology.

Combining sustainable fiber, sustainable dyes, iconic style and a perfect fit they have mapped out a new way of thinking about denim.

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The end-to-end bedding provider Indocount has launched his new Pure EarthTM sheets collection dyed with EarthColors® technology.

Their passion for nature and commitment to sustainability has driven them to provide exquisite and Earth-friendly bedding products to customers focused on creating all-encompassing sleep experiences.

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The outdoor apparel brand Patagonia recently released its Clean Color Collection, a new capsule collection dyed with natural ingredients that uses, among others, the Sustainable EarthColors® technology.

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India’s largest Menswear brand, Peter England has recently released its Earth ‘Chinos’ Collection.

Driven by authenticity as their key value, Peter England is the first brand in the world to launch this collection with smart NFC traceability, allowing the consumers to access information about the making and the makers of their clothes.

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The lingerie & nightwear brand Calida has launched his new pajama’s collection dyed with EarthColors® technology. Creating a chic yet laid-back lounge look pajamas with sustainable production

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