Colour sensation is a characteristic of human experience.

Archroma offers you a full range of exciting color effects – with our system solutions ranging from high-fast colorations to our nature-inspired biomass waste-based dyes to boost your creativity.

We touch and color people's lives every day, everywhere.

When designing any product, knowing what color and best dyeing system to use is critical to your success.

  • bluesign® APPROVED
  • Metal Free
  • Biomass Based
  • Resource Saving
  • Impact On Waste water
  • Wide Shade Gamut
  • White
  • Bright Neon
  • High Visibility
  • Fashion Effects
  • Durability

Featured product portfolio


Range of washing off and reduction clearing agents for cellulosic and polyester fibers and its blends

Imerol® BLUE New

All-in-one solution for discontinuous pretreatment with Imerol® BLUE liq


Water-based pigment preparation of highest quality, good fastness and great ecological profile.


Pre-reduced sulfur dyes with minimal sulfide content. Suitable for more ecological dyeing solutions in yarn (denim), continuous and garment dyeing applications.


Non-foaming sequestering agent and protective colloid with dispersing properties for dyeing of all fibers, particularly cellulose, polyester and their blends


Universal wetting and deaerating agent for continuous and discontinuous dyeing of cellulosic and synthetic fibers and their blends

Direfix® GPAN liq

Oxidant system that ensures full oxidation for high quality denim fabrics

Direfix® SD liq

Oxidant system that ensures full oxidation for high quality denim fabrics

EarthColors technology

Archroma patented technology of creating dyes from agricultural and herbal waste for coloring cellulosic fabrics with full traceability


pH regulators for improving levelness, reproducibility and reducing dyeing time for dyeing polyamide, wool, polyester and their blends with acid or metal complex dyes or disperse dyes respectively


Highly effective dispersing agent for dyeing polyester fibers and their blends


Diffusion accelerator for dyeing polyester and blends at temperature below 130ºC. Prevents staining of wool by disperse dyes. Improves migration and accelerates diffusion


Washing off agents for cellulosic fabrics which have been dyed or printed with reactive dyes


UV absorbers for improving the light fastness of dyeings on polyester for exhaust and continuous application. Protection against the detrimental effect of light and oxidation on polyamide.

Solution Systems

Deep Dive
White Water
Stay Dark

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