Colour sensation is a characteristic of human experience.

Archroma offers you a full range of exciting color effects – with our system solutions ranging from high-fast colorations to our nature-inspired biomass waste-based dyes to boost your creativity.

We touch and color people's lives every day, everywhere.

When designing any product, knowing what color and best dyeing system to use is critical to your success.

Delivering the ultimate in performance & sustainable fashion for cellulosics

Drimaren® Ultimate HF dyes are a special selection of highly compatible, problem solving, elements, engineered to resolve the key issues faced when dyeing problematic pale to medium shades in exhaust, pad batch and continuous dyeing applications.

Drimaren® Ultimate HD/ES reactive dyes are a range of high strength elements for dyeing deep shades on cellulosic fibers and their blends.

Discover more in our Drimaren Ultimate brochure

Reactive dyeing system for cellulosic

Drimaren® reactive dyes and dyeing auxiliaries are especially selected for dyeing on cellulosic. Suitable for applications whatever requirements standards: from home textiles to apparel, ensuring very soft hand feel properties

For those who aim to have maximum coloration efficiency with enhanced fastness, and dramatically reduced use of water, chemicals and energy, we present our DEEP DIVE system

Discover more in our DEEP DIVE 2.0 system

Disperse dyeing for polyester, polyester/cellulose and its blends

Foron® disperse dyes and dyeing auxiliaries are especially selected for cellulosic on polyester, polyester/cellulosic and its blends. Suitable for applications whatever requirements standards: from automotive, exterior textiles, home textiles, apparel and sportswear.

Pigment coloration for cellulosic, polyester and polyester/cellulosic blends

Our wide portfolio of pigment printing preparations and auxiliaries, places Archroma in the position to offer complete printing solutions that obtain vibrant colors in most fields of textile printing applications. From the classic stripes, to the most intricate designs derived from nature, together with high light-fastness performance, Archroma strives to be the preferred partner for printing with its focus on customer needs, quality, sustainability and performance.

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  • ZDHC Compliant
  • bluesign® APPROVED
  • Metal Free
  • Biomass Based
  • Resource Saving
  • Impact On Waste water
  • Wide Shade Gamut
  • White
  • Bright Neon
  • High Visibility
  • Fashion Effects
  • Durability/Stay new

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