Denim is durable and timeless yet adapts to fashion trends. What started as blue-colored workwear two centuries ago has since expanded its palette to include a wider range of colors, giving designers greater creative freedom and establishing itself as one of the most widely sought-after fabrics in the world

Aside from using considerable resources, denim production has its limitations in terms of the selection of clean & safe chemicals and dyes.

At Archroma, we are committed to leading the change

Our planet conscious innovations help the brands and mills stand out, setting trends in fashion and making an impact in sustainability.

Blue denim

Archroma’s selection of blue dyestuffs that enhance blue jeans look. They allow a vast range of casts and wash-down effects while offering high flexibility with application systems, great versatility on final effects and good performance.

Archroma’s dye portfolio allow to create a universe of vibrant, bright sulfur blue dyes for denim and non-denim fabrics.

Color denim

In the area of color denim, Archroma’s portfolio has a wide range of colors and effects to combine with indigo or to create fancy color denim. From earthy and warm tones to look beat on contemporary workwear silhouettes; vibrant colors as an important trend; until military greens & khakis for streetwear, menswear and active.

Your creativity is limitless.

Align your sustainability goals with your choice of Super systems+

We believe that we can drive positive impact for the planet and people by driving resource savings in manufacturing and consumer use, adopting cleaner chemistries and enhancing durability to the garment.

That’s why we designed our systems around an Impact Matrix which guides you in making informed decisions about your choice of Intelligent Effects and Processing Solutions, aligned with your sustainability goals.

Organized into four pillars -- Foundation, Foundation+, Impact and Impact+, the Impact Matrix addresses the key challenges facing the textile industry today.

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