Maintaining a clean house is crucial for various reasons. It ensures a well-maintained living space, removing dirt and stains. A clean home not only provides a newer look and feel but also enhances odor and aesthetics. Moreover, it prolongs the lifespan of household goods and apparel, adds functionality to specific items, and promotes overall well-being.

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Performance combined with rapid biodegradability

KIERALON® SAS 30 / 60 / 93 are neutral anionic surfactants that exhibit the optimum application and cleaning properties for the home and personal care industry. They are also ideal for the industrial and institutional cleaning segments.

Based on secondary alkane sulphonate sodium salt KIERALON® SAS is suitable for detergents, hand dishwashing liquids and a broad range of cleaning products.

AFILAN® CapB is a zwitterionic surfactant. It is a good cleaner for personal wash products and is also a good exfoliator. It exhibits good dense foam when used with specific anionic cleaners.

Optical Brighteners

Brighten your garments and eliminate greying or yellowing of soft shaded colors

Our suite of optical brightener solutions ensure that laundry will remain white or become even whiter after multiple washes.

Detergent Speckles

Archroma offers salt speckles colored in blue, green and pink to increase the sensory experience of white detergent powder.

Soil and Stain Release Agents

Suitable for all-purpose cleaners and specialized cleaning solutions.

The HYDROPERM® range of non-ionic, polymeric soil release agents are specially engineered for household and industrial cleaners for polyester, cotton and cotton blends. These products are available in both paste or liquid form. The HYDROPERM® products have significantly improved detergency and soil removal effects when compared to industry standards. They are at least 70% active and come in an aqueous carrier. Concentrations of 1 to 2% are recommended in a detergent formula.

Anti Redeposition Polymers

Sequestering agents for dispersing soil particles and improving the cleaning power of detergents


Special detergent dyes with whitening effect on white and soft colored fabrics.

We offer one of a kind color palette that provides the ultimate choice for creating detergents and cleaners with attractive colors to meet consumer preferences.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of special dyes with excellent water solubility in the blue to violet color region. These dyes impart the right amount of blue effect to counter yellowing or greying in garments caused by repeated use and laundering cycles. This blue effect is marginal and will not stain the garments from repeated use of these dyes during laundering cycles.

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