High performance for interior and exterior paints: excellent water repellency, high abrasion and UV resistance, high gloss.

Archroma is one of the most experienced suppliers of polymer emulsion technology for waterborne coatings and paints in the world. With our brand Mowilith® we have been an active leader for decades and understand the market needs for interior and exterior paints, high and semi-gloss paints, metal coating, decorative paints, road marking paints, wood varnishes and industrial paints.

Besides an attractive aesthetic appearance thanks to improved gloss, our solutions give superior functionality to paints and coatings by providing water repellency, scratch resistance, block resistance and enhancing pigment dispersion, dirt pickup resistance, and weatherability. This helps to protect walls and wooden furniture and reduces the need for regular maintenance.


With our emulsions we are making a contribution to protect our environment. Our dispersions for industrial coatings exhibit high performance

Interior Paints

For decades our Mowilith® emulsions have been demonstrating high performance and set new standards in use and are state-of-the-art in environmental terms


Our range of acrylic emulsions for wood varnishes for furniture, parquet floors and exterior uses provide properties like high gloss and blocking resistance, abrasion and water resistance

Exterior Paints

Our know-how in applications together with our knowledge of binder technology guarantee our customers the latest products with outstanding properties and high quality.

Metal Paints

Easy and safe-to-use Archroma's emulsions for metal paint protect metal surfaces in and around your property. High performance and durability ensure for long lasting protection of metal surfaces.

Plastic Paints

Water-based self-crosslinking emulsions developed by Archroma enable customers to work with a healthier and odor-free alternative emulsion for PC and ABS plastic paints. Good resistance to chemicals and scratches ensure that the protective layer increase the durability and lifetime of use of any object in regular contact with skin, sweat and extrem weather conditions.


Water-based wood enamels
Anti-corrosion paint emulsion
Advancing paints for plastics with water-based emulsions
Emulsion for long lasting architectural paints

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