Archroma has extended its portfolio of Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Certified® products with the award of Gold-level Material Health Certificates™ for the resource-saving AVITERA® SE poly-reactive dyes; the next-generation NOVACRON® EC dye range; sulphur dyes and a variety of speciality dyeing auxiliaries and sizing chemicals.

Awarded by the C2C Products Innovation Institute, the C2C material assessment certification verifies the safety of the chemicals and materials used in the Archroma textile solutions against version 4.0 of the C2C Certified® Product Standard, which was launched in April 2021. This confirms their contribution to the protection of human health and the environment and provides full transparency to support brands and mills on the journey towards circularity.

We asked Andrew Bentley, Head of Customer Support & Ecolabels at Archroma Textile Effects, about what the C2C Certified® program means for Archroma and its stakeholders.

Why is the Cradle to Cradle Certified® label important to Archroma?

Andrew: Archroma is deeply committed to helping lead the fashion and textile industry towards sustainability under our ‘PLANET CONSCIOUS+’ vision of the future. We challenge the status quo. We set ambitious goals. And we promote transparency and collaboration. The C2C Certified® program is an independent assessment and the only scheme intrinsically linked to product circularity particularly at a GOLD level. This reflects our dedication to crafting textile dyes and chemicals that excel in quality and performance and our belief in empowering customers with clear information.

Does C2C Certified® have any practical impact on Archroma operations?

Andrew: We have select C2C Certified® products across our Textile Effects product range, from sizing to finishing. We also include C2C Certified® product data in SAFE EDGE+, our online platform for compliance information, alongside other reputed third-party assessments like bluesign® and GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard. Our customers can rapidly check the safety, regulatory and brand-compliance status of all of our products and make the best selection for their product performance requirements and sustainability targets.

The broader picture here is that we support customers to go beyond standard industry requirements. You can see this commitment in our overall “PLANET CONSCIOUS+” roadmap and in our new SUPER SYSTEMS+ solutions. These are end-to-end systems that combine processing solutions and intelligent effects for specific end uses. The SUPER SYSTEMS+ Impact Matrix addresses the key challenges facing the textile industry and guides brands and mills in making informed decisions about improving end-product durability, meeting sustainability targets through cleaner chemistries and delivering resource savings. Our C2C Certified® products generally fall within the Impact and Impact+ quadrants of the Matrix, helping customers anticipate future restrictions to stay ahead of evolving textile industry regulations.

How does C2C help brands and mills go beyond current requirements?

Andrew: C2C Certified® and other third-party programs provide brands and mills with an assurance that they are choosing products to support their journey to sustainability and position them as frontrunners of the circular economy.

They can rely on our C2C Certified® solutions to be safe and sustainable, as well as suitable for future use and recycling. This helps them stay ahead of the game, comply with upcoming legislation in the EU, China and other markets, and validate their green credentials to earn recognition from important stakeholders. What’s more, they can safely choose Archroma products with the C2C Certified® material certification for their C2C Certified® Gold collections.

How does it benefit the consumer?

Andrew: Consumers increasingly want to know about the impacts of the products they buy and use. Textile dyes and solutions that earn the C2C Certified® Material Health Certificate™ have been made with chemicals and materials that protect human health and the environment. They can be safely used today and in the future, and safely recycled at the end of their life.

What’s next?

Andrew: Archroma today is a global leader with the industry’s broadest product portfolio. We have a huge responsibility to keep innovating and optimizing to help lead our industry forward. We will continue to work with the C2C Products Innovation Institute to grow our portfolio of certified products and integrate them with other key solutions, like the Color Atlas by Archroma® color catalogue.

We estimate that more than 400 Color Atlas shades are achievable using the C2C Certified® AVITERA® SE dyes alone. And we expect a significant increase in Color Atlas colors achievable with C2C Certified® dyes as new dye families undergo certification, reinforcing our dedication to helping mills and brands go beyond standard industry requirements.

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