Empowering a better tomorrow with SUPER SYSTEMS+

Consumers expectations are changing. They are seeking garments and textiles that align with their values, offer comfort, and allow for personal expression, driving the textile industry towards a greater focus on sustainability, innovation, and a better understanding of consumers’ aspirations.

Super Systems+ are our end-use focused, fiber specific solutions that deliver process efficiency and intelligent effects, empowering mills and brands to make the right choices, achieve their sustainability targets and meet consumer demands. Super Systems+ offer you:

  • PLUG-AND-PLAY: Systems that address your economic and environmental sustainability goals without additional investment.
  • END-TO-END SOLUTIONS: Comprehensive and reliable solutions that significantly reduce resource use in pretreatment, coloration, printing and finishing.
  • CLEANER CHEMISTRY: Stay ahead of the curve with a future-proofed portfolio leading the shift to cleaner chemistries through the removal of hazardous or restricted substances.
  • INTELLIGENT EFFECTS: Intelligent Effects engineered for enhanced functionality and circularity through durability.
  • IMPLEMENTATION SUPPORT: Benchmarking and implementation for measurable resource savings and productivity improvement.
  • THE SAFE EDGE: Providing transparent, easily accessible product information for the value chain. 24/7 online access to product certificates and expert notes, ensuring transparency and compliance.
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Key challenges facing the industry today

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Chemistry of tomorrow

As the industry embraces a cleaner and more transparent value chain, we are here to partner you in your journey in navigating the evolving regulatory requirements and to help you stay ahead of the curve with innovations that anticipate future regulatory changes and trends.

  • CLEANER CHEMISTRY (COMPLIANCE+): We aim to lower the environmental and health impacts of textile production and consumption. COMPLIANCE+ incorporates innovative technologies specifically developed to remove* harmful or regulated substances typically found in foundation level alternative products in the market

An ambition that goes beyond ZDHC Level 3 MRSL conformance with demonstrated cleaner alternatives.

*below the limit of detection

Align your sustainability goals with your choice of SUPER SYSTEMS+

We believe that we can reduce the environmental impact for the planet and people by improving resource savings in manufacturing and consumer use, adopting cleaner chemistries and enhancing durability of the finishing effects and colors.

Organized into four quadrants - Foundation, Foundation+, Impact and Impact+, the Impact Matrix addresses the key challenges facing the textile industry and guides you in making informed decisions about using cleaner chemistries, resource saving solutions in processing, improved durability in consumer use or a combination of all.

Our Super Systems+ is a comprehensive tool that guides you to achieve your sustainability goals without compromise.

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Textile solutions that do good and feel good, for you and our planet

Super Systems+ is a core pillar under our ‘Planet Conscious+’ vision that combines processing solutions and intelligent effects to bring measurable environmental impact and increased process efficiency. Super Systems+ are available for popular end-use segments, from denim to performance wear, and casual wear to home textile.

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