Each year on 22nd March, people all over the world observe World Water Day to raise awareness about the crucial role of water in our lives. The goal is to highlight the challenges we face in managing our water resources sustainably and encourage everyone to act towards ensuring that we do not exhaust this vital resource.

Archroma has long advocated innovation and partnership to prevent unwanted substances from entering the supply chain. As a global, diversified provider of specialty chemicals serving the branded and performance textiles, packaging and paper, and coatings, adhesives and sealants markets, we have long made water conservation and contamination protection a priority of our research and innovation efforts.

Today, many of the world’s best brands are taking great strides to conserve and protect water resources as consumers, investors and regulators now expect apparel and textile brands and retailers to set and meet bold sustainability targets.

We are proud that we can equip our stakeholders with the right tools and solutions to meet this need.

The Archroma ONE WAY Impact Calculator is a process simulation & calculation tool designed and used by our textile processing experts to provide our customers and partners with an accurate estimate of the process costs, resource utilization, effluent discharge quality, and CO2 emissions of an existing production process and of potential alternative solution. And that of course include water consumption.

The Productivity Improvement Plan (PIP/SIP) draws on all of our textile application and technical expertise, and our insights into regulatory and legislative developments. We provide access to the best available technologies that help brands and mills optimize their existing plant operations, equipment and personnel, and enhance sustainability and profitability in lockstep.

The SAFE EDGE is another tool recently launched by Archroma to help select products based on their eco-profile. The new online platform allows instant access to Archroma products allowing to check in a few clicks their regulatory & compliance status.

For apparel & textiles:

In addition, consumers, young and old, are looking for brands that can deliver value while satisfying their performance expectations and green aspirations. Key resource-saving technologies from our labs include:

  • AVITERA® SE is an award-winning and revolutionary polyreactive dye for exhaust application on cellulosic fibers. It allows mills to dramatically reduce the dyeing and washing-off cycle, offering water and energy savings of up to 50%.
  • ERIOPON® E3-SAVE, an all-in-one textile auxiliary for polyester processing allows pre-souring, dyeing and reduction clearing to be combined in a single bath, which shortens processing time by 25% or more and saves up to 50% of water and energy.
  • WHITE WATER is an all-in-one system associating pretreatment and brightening agents for tee-shirts, towels and bathroom textiles. The system allows to achieves an advanced brightening effect, while delivering higher productivity, simplified handling, better uniformity, improved dyeability and significant resource savings.
  • PURE INDIGO ICON is an aniline-free* indigo system used in denim dyeing, resulting in an eco-advanced solution for consumers and the planet. The system is based on Denisol® Pure Indigo 30 liq, an innovation to create authentic denim without the dangers associated with aniline in particular for aquatic life.
  • CONSCIOUSLY DEEP is a a metal-free one-step scouring and dyeing system for medium to very dark colored nylons that stay deep and bright day after day. The system is based on our metal-free Nylosan® S acid dyestuff range which includes a selection of halogen-free* acid dyes, and the system allows massive water savings of up to 64% compared to benchmark process.

For paper & packaging:

  • REAL BLACK is a very deep black coloration solution for black paper packaging that is ideal for food applications and keeps your water process in the clear.
  • SMART COLORATION is a food contact compliant system for tissue paper and napkins for deep colors that keeps the dye on the tissue and the backwater clear.

These solutions can be combined with other effects to help apparel and textile brands & retailers do more with less in key market segments.

This World Water Day, let's all take action to conserve water and address the global water crisis. By making every drop count and using water responsibly, we can ensure its availability for future generations. Let's all play our part in achieving this goal.

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