Archroma is a recognized leader in integrated solutions for coloration. Our portfolio includes systems designed to answer the specific requirements for all types of fiber goods.

When designing any product, knowing what color and best dyeing system to use is critical to your success.

Exhaust, continuous dyeing, and direct print system for polyamide

Nylon revolutionized the carpet industry and provides excellent durability and flexibility.

Archroma offers a range of Nylosan® E, Nylosan® N and Lanasyn® S dyes and dyeing auxiliaries, which are especially selected for polyamide carpets.

Displace & reserve coloration metal free* dyestuffs

Nylosan® N P is a unique dyestuff range! Metal free* dyes for the Displace/Reserve technique. This technique produces sharp, vivid and/or light print designs in combination with dark ground shades and a good fixation behaviour which result in high wet fastness.

Metal-free dyestuffs potentially allows fibre recycling or ecologically more acceptable carpet disposal. No heavy-metal load of all wastes.

*Below limits of detection according to industry standard test methods

Jet print

Jet-Print is a printing system using computer controlled high speed valves and is revolutionary in its ability to create unlimited pattern repeats.
Deepest color penetration and excellent print definition are achieved by optimizing the use of electronics, mechanics and chemistry.

In this regard Archroma offers a selection of dyestuffs to fulfill the highest wet and light fastness possibilities and is therefore suitable for domestic and contract qualities. The compact range covers the whole shade area from brilliant to black.


From the coloristic point of view, automotive articles must mainly fulfil the demand of severe hot light fastness and to be free of metamerism.

Archroma offers a selection of Lanasyn® dyestuffs to fulfill this requirements.

Discover more in our Automotive dedicated section

Wool & Wool/Polyamide blends

Wool has been woven for centuries into rugs and carpet and is a 100% renewable resource. In carpet manufacture, unlike many other substrate forms, the determination of levelness is only made when the final article is made – by which time if it appears unlevel, it is beyond repair and has also undergone many additional expensive operations (e.g. winding, weaving, backing, etc.). The need for different dye classes is born out by the balance between levelling and fastness.

Archroma offers a selection for exhaust, continuous dyeing, and direct print dyestuffs Nylosan® E, Nylosan® N and Lanasyn® S to fulfill this requirements.


A silk carpet has a rich sheen and a unique luster. Silk has very similar dyeing properties to polyamide fiber and is generally dyed with acid and metal complex dyes.

Archroma offers a selection for exhaust dyeing of Nylosan® N, Lanasyn® S and Drimaren® to fulfil the demands.


Due to the requirements of high fixation at temperatures between 100° and 120°C (up to 130° only in cases were this is possible) combined with high light fastness and sufficient migration the selected Foron® E, Foron® E-RD and Dorospers® A dyestuffs fulfil those requirements for the dyeing of polyester carpets for both exhaust and continuous processing. Furthermore, modern polyester fiber retains his shape well, and it is highly stain resistance making it very easy to clean.


Acrylic is a fine, soft and luxurious yarn. This manmade fiber gives the appearance and touch of wool. It dyes well and allows bright colors.

Doracryl® dyestuffs fulfil those requirements for the dyeing of acrylic carpets.

Cellulosic fibers

Carpet fibers are most often synthetic, but you can also find them made from cellulosic fibers, which are usually selected due to its possibility to be washed regularly, providing a very good wet fastness performance.

Archroma offers a selection of Drimaren® Ultimate HD, Drimaren® HF for cotton & viscose fibers, and Diresul® RDT dyestuffs suitable for bast fibers.

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  • ZDHC Compliant
  • bluesign® APPROVED
  • C2C Certified
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Metal Free
  • Pfc Free
  • Cost Optimization
  • Touch/Soft
  • Fresh & Odorless
  • Durability/Stay new
  • Wide Shade Gamut
  • White
  • Soil & Stain Protection
  • Liquid Protection
  • Mud Protection
  • Flame Protection
  • Friction Protection
  • Improved Tear Strength
  • Quick Dry
  • Moisture Management

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