Archroma offers you a full range of exciting color effects – with our system solutions ranging from high-fast colorations to our nature-inspired biomass waste-based dyes to boost your creativity

Reactive dyeing system for cellulosic

Drimaren® reactive dyes and dyeing auxiliaries are especially selected for dyeing on cellulosic. Suitable for applications whatever requirements standards: from home textiles to apparel, ensuring very soft hand feel properties

Disperse dyeing for polyester, polyester/cellulose and its blends

Foron® disperse dyes and dyeing auxiliaries are especially selected for cellulosic on polyester, polyester/cellulosic and its blends. Suitable for applications whatever requirements standards: from automotive, exterior textiles, home textiles, apparel and sportswear.

Cationic dyes for dyeing CDP and polyester

Selection of Doracryl® and Foron® dyes for bicolor effects in upholstery and indoor sun protection

Pigment coloration for cellulosic, polyester and polyester/cellulosic blend

A stress-free coloration system for cotton, polyester and blends, that allows to create brilliant pale to medium shades resistant to light and bleach...whilst using significantly less chemicals and water.

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  • ZDHC Compliant
  • bluesign® APPROVED
  • Biomass Based
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Metal Free
  • Pfc Free
  • Resource Saving
  • Impact On Waste water
  • Cost Optimization
  • Touch/Soft
  • Durability/Stay new
  • Fresh & Odorless
  • Pilling Protection
  • Liquid Protection
  • UV Rays Protection
  • Xtreme Weather Protection
  • Flame Protection
  • Friction Protection
  • Improved Tear Strength
  • Quick Dry
  • Moisture Management

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