Today’s modern workwear is designed to combine safety and durability with corporate fashion.

• It is expected to be comfortable, attractive and durable, whilst providing protection and at the same time representing a corporate image;

• It must provide protection against soil, weather and flames;

• It must be hygienic: with odor control, moisture management, antimicrobial & antiviral performance;

• Resource efficient as part of our system solutions;

• It must combine the correct substrate with high-quality systems based on premium quality dyes, dyeing auxiliaries and functional finishing effects. This is the key to meeting these wide-ranging demands.

Archroma is a recognized leader in integrated solutions for dyeing. Our portfolio is comprised of systems designed to answer the specific requirements of all types of synthetic, cellulosic, and blend fibers.

Reactive dyeing system for cellulosic and its blends

Workwear clothes are most often made with synthetic fibers, but you can also find them from cellulosic fibers, which are usually selected due to its softness and comfort.

Cotton is the perfect warm weather fabric, design to feel soft, be breathable and comfortable.

Drimaren® reactive dyes and Diresul® sulfur dyes have been especially selected for dyeing on cellulosic.

Discover more in our SOLID EARTH system Discover more in our DEEP WEAVE system

Disperse dyeing for polyester and its blends

Polyester fibers and its blends are commonly used in the manufacture of workwear and uniforms due to its resistance, as it admits high washing temperatures and allows a very good color solidity and easy maintenance.

Foron® disperse dyes and dyeing auxiliaries have been especially selected for polyester and its blends.

Discover more in our SWIFT WEAVE system

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  • ZDHC Compliant
  • bluesign® APPROVED
  • Metal Free
  • Biomass Based
  • Resource Saving
  • Impact On Waste water
  • Wide Shade Gamut
  • White
  • Bright Neon
  • High Visibility
  • Fashion Effects
  • Durability/Stay new

Solution Systems

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Lumacron XLD

Medium-energy fighting range of performance dyes exhibiting very high wet fastness properties. Primary application is for piece dyeing of 100% PES fabrics and PES/Cotton for high wet fastness requirements

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