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At the very beginning of the textile chain, Archroma’s spin finishes provide outstanding processing performance to all kinds of filaments and fibers. We combine our chemistry knowledge and yarn manufacturing experience to develop our high performance and innovative spin finishes, aimed at answering the specific demands of our customers.

Our sophisticated expert laboratories, and customer service and support are invaluable assets for long-term co-operations and partnerships. High ecological and toxicological internal standards give our customers the guarantee to obtain spin finish products of highest quality levels.

Archroma supplies sizing solutions and processes that meet all requirements of modern weaving technology. This includes more ecological and economical products for all types of looms and size recovery technologies.

Featured product portfolio


Range of spin finish products designed to achieve high lubricity, boundary lubrication, static protection, and permanent surface modification


Special fatty acid based non-permanent softener & sewability improver


Sizing auxiliaries to increase flexibility and smoothness of the sized yarn, as sizing agent or after-wax

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