Break Free from Plastic Coatings with PFC-Free Cartaseal® SCR

Plastic coatings, such as Polyethylene (PE), are commonly used on paper cups for water, oil, and grease resistance. However, these petroleum-based coatings hinder the biodegradation process of the paper they cover and negatively impact compostability. Additionally, they pose a challenge to recyclability, as most mills struggle to separate the plastic film from the paper during recycling.

Cartaseal® SCR: The Perfect Solution for Cup Stock

Cartaseal® SCR offers exceptional performance as a water barrier. This innovative solution can be easily applied using a wide range of aqueous coating and printing techniques, as long as noncontact drying is available. To further enhance its performance, consider selecting an appropriate base substrate and applying a layer of Cartacoat® B primer, followed by the application of Cartaseal® SCR liquid as a top coat.

Compliance and Sustainability: The Advantages of Cartaseal® SCR

Cartaseal® SCR, designed specifically for drinking cups, not only meets the strict FDA and BfR requirements for food contact applications but also offers several notable advantages:

  • Increased capability for compostability, repulpability, and recycling
  • Superior to other PFC and plastics alternatives
  • Cartaseal® SCR coating breaks down alongside the paper during the recycling process
  • Facilitates efficient recycling
  • Minimizes environmental impact

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