Discover the multifunctional Cartaseal® range, offering innovative barrier solutions that effectively protect against grease, oils, water, and water vapor. These solutions are ideal for various packaging and food packaging applications, including pizza boxes, sandwich wedges, fresh vegetables, fast food service, and general supermarket packaging.

Break Free from Plastic Coatings with PFC-Free Cartaseal® SCR

Plastic coatings, such as Polyethylene (PE), are commonly used on paper cups for water, oil, and grease resistance. However, these petroleum-based coatings hinder the biodegradation process of the paper they cover and negatively impact compostability. Additionally, they pose a challenge to recyclability, as most mills struggle to separate the plastic film from the paper during recycling.

Cartaseal® SCR: The Perfect Solution for Cup Stock and Molded Fiber

Cartaseal® SCR offers exceptional performance as a water barrier. This innovative solution can be easily applied using a wide range of aqueous coating and printing techniques, as long as noncontact drying is available. To further enhance its performance, consider selecting an appropriate base substrate and applying a layer of Cartacoat® B primer, followed by the application of Cartaseal® SCR liquid as a top coat.

Compliance and Sustainability: The Advantages of Cartaseal® SCR

Cartaseal® SCR, designed specifically for drinking cups and molded fiber, not only meets the strict FDA and BfR requirements for food contact applications but also offers several notable advantages:

  • Increased capability for compostability, repulpability, and recycling
  • Superior to PFC and plastic alternatives
  • Cartaseal® SCR coating breaks down alongside the paper during the recycling process
  • Facilitates efficient recycling
  • Minimizes environmental impact

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