Coloring your new collections with your pre-loved collections

FiberColors® are a patent-pending technology of transforming pre-and post-consumer fashion & textile waste into gorgeous upcycled colors. The colors are synthesized from a minimum content of 50% waste-based raw material, thus contributing to circular economy in fashion & textiles.

  • Timeless shades
  • Range of 5 performance colors suitable to be applied on cellulosic fibers
  • Transformed pre- and post-consumer waste-based colorants

Currently exclusive to brand owners only.

What if you could help reduce the waste sent to landfill?

With the Earth population just reaching 8 billion in November 2022, the need to address the issue of textile waste has become more critical.

According to, 92 million tons of textile waste is produced every year, a number that is expected to soar to 134 million tons by the end of the decade. Around 85% of all textiles discarded in the US are said to end up in landfills, leading to land and water pollution impacting first and foremost local communities.

Archroma therefore decided to look at the issue creatively: what if we could create colors from waste fashion?

FiberColors® by Archroma technology is a new way of creating dyes from pre-and post-consumer textile waste that would otherwise be destined to landfill.

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Creating new, colorful life for textile waste

The FiberColors® range comprises five dyes, covering a palette of natural shades: Diresul® Fiber-Teak (brown shades), Diresul® Fiber-Ochre (olive shades), Diresul® Fiber-Maroon (bordeaux shades) & Diresul® Fiber-Slate (blue grey shades) and Diresul® Fiber-Graphite (dark grey shades)

At present, we can use cellulosic, polyamide or their blends (with a >95% purity) to transform waste into our FiberColors® – and they can be virgin and/or recycled textile waste. The waste raw material can be any color and does not need to be sorted by color.

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Join the upcycling revolution with FiberColors®

With FiberColors®, you will be able to create collections cleanly, supporting the circular economy, and respecting the environment.

You can now upcycle your brand's pre-loved fashion into something beautiful.

Together we can close the loop and break the cycle of waste!

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