At Archroma, we are committed to leading the change.

Our planet conscious innovations play a crucial role in optimizing athletic performance, keeping you and the environment looking and feeling good.

Performance Athletic Wear

Functional performance apparel is designed to enhance the performance and comfort of individuals engaged in physical activities or sports.

Our wide range of solutions include high performance coloration technology, effective moisture management, temperature regulation, odor control, protection and safety, improved durability, and promotes comfort and fit.

Performance Outerwear

Combining comfort, durability and style is the key to great outerwear that keeps you performing and looking your best while being protected from the elements.

Our wide range of sustainable solutions are tailor-made to meet the diverse user demands for performance outerwear including all around weather protection and unrestricted movement while keeping the wearer comfortable.

Align your sustainability goals with your choice of Super systems+

We believe that we can drive positive impact for the planet and people by driving resource savings in manufacturing and consumer use, adopting cleaner chemistries and enhancing durability to the garment.

That’s why we designed our systems around an Impact Matrix which guides you in making informed decisions about your choice of Intelligent Effects and Processing Solutions, aligned with your sustainability goals.

Organized into four pillars -- Foundation, Foundation+, Impact and Impact+, the Impact Matrix addresses the key challenges facing the textile industry today.

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