Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, and Panatronix, an italian leader in ultrasonic cleaning for the textile denim industry, joined forces to launch an eco-advanced alternative to the denim fabric washing process.

Water use and wastewater are some of the biggest sustainability challenges in denim manufacturing. The industry uses billions of liters of water throughout the whole textile processing from dyeing to specialty chemical finishes that are applied to textiles in multiple water baths.

The denim industry is therefore working very fast to reduce its water consumption.

To combat these issues, Archroma and Panatronix have decided to team up and develop an alternative to the traditional yarn washing process and its subsequent high-water consumption and contamination.

Thanks to the use of our pre-reduced aniline-free* Denisol® Pure Indigo and low sulfite-content Diresul® RDT liq, followed by Panatronix ultra sonic technology on the washing boxes in the denim process, customers will be able to save huge amounts of water.

This partnership will also allow to create a final garment with no impurity, aiming to achieve compliance with major eco-regulations, with the same level of fastness and properties.

The breakthrough alternative to the fabric cleaning concept presented by Panatronix technology and Archroma combines the use of the following systems that will provide big saves of water and will reduce the water footprint.

  • PURE INDIGO ICON – an aniline-free* indigo system that produces authentic denim without compromising our planet
  • PURE UNDERTONES - A sulfur bottoming system that brings a new layer of color creativity to your aniline-free* indigo denim
  • DENIM VIBE - A sulfur-based system to efficiently create bright ocean blue denim without wasting an ocean of money and water
  • INDIGO REFLECTION - A coloration system that behaves like indigo but with a more sustainable and efficient process

*Below limits of detection, according to industry standard test methods

Candiani has been the first denim mill to take up this challenge and use the new Panatronix innovative machine and technology together with Archroma Diresul® RDT dyes.

Panatronix machinery installed on slasher washing box at Candiani (Photo: Candiani)

Candiani collection (Photo: Blue collars)

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