Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, will be at ChromaTexChem India 2019 to present its latest innovations and solution systems aimed to help textile manufacturers with optimized productivity and/or value creation in their markets. Archroma will also moderate a panel at the exhibition official conference on “Sustainable innovation in textile processing”.

  • Visit Archroma at ChromaTexChem 2019, hall No 3 booth B3-B4, on 14 & 15 November 2019 in Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India
  • Archroma will moderate a panel on “Sustainable innovation in textile processing” at the exhibition official conference on 14 November 2019 from 11:30 to 12:30

Archroma offers a wide portfolio of dyes and chemicals aiming to increase sustainability and innovation along the entire value chain, from fiber to finish.

  • Archroma is reputed for its continuous flow of ground-breaking innovations, such as, in 2019 and 2018 only:
  • Appretan® NTR, a new nature-based binder for nonwovens,
  • Denisol® Pure Indigo, an aniline-free* synthetic pre-reduced liquid indigo,
  • Diresul® Smartdenim Blue, a liquid sulfur blue dye designed to mimic indigo,
  • Fadex® AS New, a new “super UV protector” for automotive & transportation textiles,
  • Foron® SP-WF, a range of high wet-fast disperse dyes for sportswear and active wear applications,
  • Helizarin® LTC New liq, a formaldehyde-free* low temperature curing binder for pigment printing on all kinds of fibers,

  • Lurapret® N5396 & N5392 liq, a water-based ultra-low VOC polyurethane (PU) polymer coating technology.


The solution systems and innovations presented by Archroma have all been selected for their compliance with “The Archroma Way: safe, efficient, enhanced, it’s our nature”. The approach finds its origin in Archroma’s deep belief that it is possible to make the textile industry sustainable. For further information:

At ChromaTexChem, visitors will be able to discover 24 systems developed along the principles of The Archroma Way to help them create value in their textile applications and markets, such as:


  • Dark Bliss, a system for dyeing blacks and dark colors more efficiently with dramatically lighter use of water and chemicals;
  • Deep Dive, a complete system for highly efficient coloration with less water;
  • Denim Vibe, a sulfur-based system to efficiently create bright ocean blue denim without wasting an ocean of money and water;
  • Indigo Flow, an aniline-free* indigo system that produces authentic denim without compromising our planet;
  • Indigo Reflection, a coloration system that behaves like indigo but with a more sustainable and efficient process;
  • Stay Dark, a complete system for long-lasting, dark navy jeans;


  • Bright Dream, a formaldehyde-free* system for whiter than white fabrics that require no ironing;
  • Dark Bliss, (see above);
  • Cool Print, a complete formaldehyde-free* system that keeps your printed textiles soft and durable and the Earth cooler;
  • Deep Dive, (see above);
  • Eco2 Size, a fully synthetic sizing system for woven fabrics that increases productivity and reduces the BOD/COD effluent load;
  • Hard Core, a complete pretreatment and whitening system for a brighter and stronger cotton fabric for a style that lasts;
  • Power Cotton, a system for comfortable cotton fabrics with more than 5 times higher abrasion resistance;
  • Safe Seats, a halogen-free* flame retardant coating system for synthetic leather upholstery;
  • Smooth As Iron, a non-iron finishing system that keeps fabric smooth, soft and strong, especially on collars and cuffs;
  • Stamp It Safe, a formaldehyde-free* printing system for soft fabrics which is better for you and our planet;
  • White ♥ Water, a system for t-shirts that stay white and bright for longer, without wasting a single precious drop;


  • Bright Dream, (see above);
  • Dark Bliss, (see above);
  • Deep Dive, (see above);
  • Fast Sport, a coloration system for polyester knitted sportswear, providing the best fastness in the shortest possible time with a reduced environmental footprint;
  • Hard Core, (see above);
  • Odor Control, a system for improved material longevity, freshness and wearing comfort due to the lasting dual-action technology of Sanitized® Odoractiv 10. Odor-causing bacteria cannot adhere to the textile surface and bad smells are trapped and neutralized; and permastink cannot build-up in your sportswear;
  • Power Cotton, (see above);
  • Smooth As Iron, (see above);
  • Stamp It Safe, (see above);
  • Swift Blend, a resource-saving system for deep colors dyed in a single step with half the resources;
  • Tough Camo, A non-infrared reflective pigment printing system for military wear, with high durability and dramatically reduced water consumption;
  • White ♥ Water, (see above);


  • Light Fast Car, a system designed to keep fabric colors deep, vibrant and matched day after day;
  • Safe Seats, (see above);



  • Color Vibe, a system for nylon sportswear to maintain color vibrancy, time after time, wash after wash;
  • Fast Sport, (see above);
  • Hydry, a complete system for your exercise regime that keeps you and your gear dry and fresh for longer;
  • Odor Control, (see above);
  • Swift Blend, (see above);
  • Wick Stop, an anti-wicking system to keep your feet drier in the wet, with maximum mesh sneaker durability.

All systems are described in details on dedicated webpages accessible from:

Anjani Prasad, Head of Sales, India, Archroma, comments: “With the growing concerns about resource scarcity and product safety, brands and manufacturers in India work with us, because we continuously develop the innovations and solution systems that help them to address these challenges, increase productivity and create value for them. We do that with in mind the planet and its inhabitants, in line with the objectives of “The Archroma way": Safe, efficient, enhanced. Because it’s our nature!”

* Below limits of detection according to industry standard test methods.
Appretan®, Denisol®, Diresul®, Fadex®, Foron®, Helizarin® and Lurapret® are trademarks of Archroma registered in many countries.
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