Passion for denim

Denim is so very special. Maybe no other piece of our closet has the power to tell the world how we feel or who we are.

At Archroma, we share your passion for denim, and we bring our expertise, powerful innovation and our commitment to sustainability into developing cutting-edge dyeing technologies and systems solutions to support your creativity.

The Archroma way to a sustainable world: safe, efficient, enhanced. It’s our nature.

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From fiber to finish

From fiber to finish, Archroma plays a key role throughout the entire textile supply chain, with unique system solutions for spinning, pretreatment, dyeing, coating & finishing and wash-down effects.

Break new ground with aniline-free* indigo for denim.

Archroma’s new aniline-free* indigo dye, Denisol® Pure Indigo 30 liq, reduces risk when producing the traditional, iconic indigo blue that consumers associate with denim and jeans.

During production, some of the aniline stays locked into the indigo pigment and is difficult to wash off the fabric. The remainder of the aniline impurity, approximately 300 metric tons, is discharged during dyeing. This can be an issue as aniline is toxic to aquatic life. In addition, exposure levels to factory workers can be high.

The toxic chemical is therefore starting to feature on the restricted substance lists (RSL) of some major clothing brands and retailers.

In recent years, Archroma has developed into a go-to expert for eco-advanced denim fashion colors and effects, based on its rather unique portfolio of solution systems and technologies available to denim manufacturers and brands, from the above mentioned liquid pre-reduced Denisol® Indigo range used in Archroma’s PURE INDIGO ICON system, to the recent Diresul® Smartdenim Blue, a liquid sulfur blue dye designed to mimic indigo in elegant neutral-green blue tone and in the most common wash-down processes, used in Archroma’s INDIGO REFLECTION system, to the more recently launched PURE UNDERTONES system, a sulfur bottoming system that brings a new layer of color creativity to indigo denim.

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State-of-the-art denim book

In Archroma Denim book, you will be able to discover our latest dyeing innovations& system solutions aimed to help your company to achieve optimized productivity and/or value creation in your blue, black and color denim collections.

Dive into a wide range of colors and effects to boost your creativity in the denim industry and discover for the first time our state-of-the-art inspirational denim shade card made exclusively for our premium customers. We put no limits to quality, sustainability and creativity 🌱

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