Performance denim

Performance denim, bridge the gap between regular denim and active wear, and the resulting product is nowadays growing in popularity. “What we’re seeing from customers is a demand for versatility.” “Customers love the look of denim combined with active stretch.”

Performance denim allows you to move from workout to a night on the town and back again.

Archroma aims to be a reliable partner for customers - offering a full range of system solutions to make your gear more resistant whilst looking good at all times, comfortable to wear in everyday life.

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  • ZDHC Compliant
  • bluesign® APPROVED
  • Pfc Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Weather Protection
  • Soil & Stain Protection
  • Vector Protection
  • Flame Protection
  • Non Iron
  • Durability/Stay new
  • Fresh & Odorless
  • Stretch Care
  • Touch/Soft

Solution Systems

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Water based, Formaldehyde-free* polymers that provides elastic, soft and highly flexible surfaces protected against wind, especially at low temperatures (including below zero degrees). * Below limits of detection according to industry standard test methods

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